Parental Involvement ~ Critical for Enhancing Successful School Experiences

For at least the past 2 decades of my 3-decade career as an educator “parental involvement” has been highly regarded as one of the essential elements of a student’s successful sojourn through his or her K – 12 school experience. While serving as principal of K-6 and K-8 schools, I found it necessary to establish a school team comprised of teachers, school-support personnel, and parents to develop a mission statement that would include a definitive statement that focused on engaging parents in their child’s education, specifically, and the school’s mission, generally. In carrying out the mission to engage parents we strove to be as creative as possible, given our understanding of the community. It was no problem to get the majority of parents involved when it came to curriculum nights, performances, science fairs, and parent/teacher conferences, but it was extremely challenging to assist the majority of parents to consistently follow-through on the time-sensitive responsibilities of submitting documents; and, fundamentally important, creating a convenient and reliable means of communicating with the teacher or administration regarding many of the important events and processes that require parent acknowledgement, feedback, attendance, and/or approval.

Although our mission statement had great intentions to achieve optimum parental involvement, still we were unable to think of a single solution that would tie-in our fragmented, multifarious operations that would make it easy for parents to fulfill their responsibilities when called to do so and make the parent-service obligations of staff less burdensome.

SchoolLinks provides a powerful solution to the age-old occupational hazards in schools of communication slippage and operational fragmentation that creates more work, less efficiency, and sporadic connectivity to the community it serves.

~ Dr. Paul B. Mohr, Jr.

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Paul B. Mohr, Jr.

Dr. Paul B. Mohr, Jr.

Dr. Mohr, a retired Public School Superintendent, began his teaching and administrative career in the Murphy School District from 1981 to 1989. Paul was then hired by Mesa Public Schools, Arizona’s largest school district, and served as both an elementary and secondary principal. In 1996, he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education – a division with 54 schools, 3,000 teachers, and 40,000 students.

In 2000, Dr. Mohr was hired as superintendent of Phoenix Elementary School District. In 2003 he worked for Vikings Solutions, a consulting firm, and was a consultant for 4 charter schools in Greensboro, Winston Salem, Raleigh, and Morehead City in North Carolina.

From 2004 to 2009, Dr. Mohr served as superintendent in the Murphy School District. During his 5-year tenure at the Murphy School District his crowning achievement was the construction of a $4 million education and health center, completed in January 2009. The building utilizes the latest in “green” technology, equipped with solar panels, natural lighting, carbon dioxide monitoring EVAC system, and recycled furniture. The center earned LEED certification. In an effort to sustain the operation and programs at the center for students and their families, Dr. Mohr’s fundraising efforts totaled $1.2 million. This supported comprehensive medical service, dental service, early childhood education, a student and parent welcome center, and provides an additional revenue stream for the Murphy School District.

Funded by a 6-month grant from the Carstens Family Fund, Dr. Mohr served as Director of the Starshine World Action Team (SWAT) for Starshine Academy, Inc. , a dynamic, holistic education system that provides enriching academic, global, environmental, artistic, and cultural experiences for the worlds neediest youngsters. StarShine is also nationally and internationally accredited. His primary responsibilities during the 6-month term were strategic planning for the start-up of StarShine Academies worldwide.


Dr. Mohr fulfilled his undergraduate studies at Florida State University where he received a Bachelor of Music, with a major in Music Therapy, in 1979. In 1981 he earned his Masters Degree in Elementary Education through a full scholarship from the National Teacher Corps Project. In 1989, Dr. Mohr was awarded a Board of Regents Scholarship earning his Doctorate in Education Administration from Arizona State University.

 1989, Doctorate in Education Administration, Arizona State University

 1981, Masters in Elementary Education, Arizona State University

 1979, Bachelor of Music, Florida State University

 1976, Associate of Arts in Music, St. Petersburg Community College

~ Phoenix Valley Leadership, Valedictorian: Class XXX, 2009
~ Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International, 2008 & 2009
~ Knight, Order of Knights Hospitaller
~ Knight, Papal Order of St. Sylvester the Martyr

~ Phoenix Rotary 100, Member
~ Audubon Arizona, Board Member
~City of Phoenix Youth & Education Commission, Member
~ Greater Phoenix Educational Management Council (GPEMC), Past Chair
~ National Superintendents Roundtable, Member

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